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Python/Django part-time developer

Tiz the social application that lets you create instant connections with people that are nearby is looking for a part-time Django developer to help us further develop the back-end of our system.

Essential skills and qualifications:

  • 2+ years of experience as a Django programmer with all the relevant skills including an expert knowledge of Python
  • Experience with building large, high-volume, 24/7 apps.
  • Web server knowledge as well as a good understanding of PostgreSQL database
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment

Bonus skills and qualifications:

  • 1+ years experience developing Android Applications
  • 1+ years experience developing iOS Applications

Apply by sending your resume to aloha[AT]tiz[DOT]co

Full Stack Python Developer

Job Description

We are looking for a young Python developer to help us create the first version of our product. He should be passionate about quality code, follow the programming community and be confident and experienced enough to build things from scratch. The individual selected will be guided and supervised by other technical member of the team. He should be able to work independently and collaborate when needed. 



  • Creating a project from scratch
  • Involvement in the full product life cycle: Interact with other personnel to consider design, development and project planning approaches
  • Delivering quality code (tested, robust , modular, scalable, maintainable)
  • Ability to work autonomously and within a team
  • Develop new features and functionality
  • Provide support and documentation
  • Ability to work within strict timeframes



  • Include portfolio or work reference
  • Short Term Project – Full Time Occupation
  • Collocated - Athens/Greece
  • No agencies





  • 2-3 years of professional experience building web applications in python
  • Fluent/Proficiency English
  • Basic understanding of TCP/IP, HTTP
  • Basic understanding of Design Patterns
  • Basic algorithmic knowledge
  • Strong OO Object-oriented Design and Analysis (OOA and OOD) skills
  • Strong understanding of SQL fundamentals and schema design
  • Experience with a popular server side python web application framework
  • Basic understanding of web application security
  • Experience in writing unit and integration tests
  • Proficient with code versioning tools
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Basic understanding of distributed systems



  • Proficient with Python 3
  • Experience developing with: Python 3, SQL, Pyramid, SQLAlchemy, unittest/nose, jquey/backbone.js , LESS/SaSS, Git
  • Basic Experience with: Linux, Mysql/PostgreSQL, Apache/Nginx
  • Experience on all stages of software lifecycle
  • Some PHP knowledge for WordPress customization Desired
  • Experience building REST APIs
  • Familiarity with D3.js
  • Familiarity with: Linux, Apache, Nginx
  • Familiarity with key value storage engines (Redis, memcache, MongoDB)
  • Previous experience with agile methodologies – scrum
  • Open source contributions



  • Communication skills
  • Desire for continuous learning and skills improvement
  • Ability to learn new technologies
  • Methodical, Quality and Results-oriented
  • Strong desire to deliver an excellent customer experience
  • Passionate and self-motivated


Apply by sending your resume in pdf to the following gmail.com account: jobs.nikosc

Software Developer (f/m) at CARFAX Europe


CARFAX Provides Trusted Automotive Information that helps people buy and sell used cars with more confidence. We have been the market leader for Vehicle History in the US since 1984 and in Europe Entered 2007 - Where We have enjoyed consistent annual growth. Our mission is to expand Continuously Throughout Europe. Over the past years we have become on integral part of the European car industry: Hundreds of Thousands of consumers have trusted us to Provide them with reliable Vehicle History Information and our business partners, Including Dealerships, law enforcement agencies, insurance companies and members of the Finance Sector Actively use our services on a daily basis.

Job Function / Responsibilities

CARFAX Europe started with a vision - to change the used car market for a better. Today, we belong to the top sites did consumers turn to for vehicle information, and receive millions of visitors each month. In addition, dog Hundreds of car dealers and business partners from many countries in Europe Subscribe to our B2B solutions. You want to support our development team Throughout The full SW development cycle: requirements analysis, software design, implementation and maintenance in production.


  • University degree or equivalent in computer science
  • Experience with PHP, Perl, Python or similar scripting languages
  • General knowledge of development tool chain (continuous integration, provisioning, etc.)
  • General knowledge of development methodologies (like unit testing, refactoring, ...)
  • Passion for system design / architecture
  • General knowledge of databases systems (ie Mongo DB, MySQL)
  • Good skills in spoken and written English
  • Ability and desire to work in internationally team
  • Desirable skills in spoken and written basic German

We Offer

  • An outstanding work environment
  • Excellent benefits, salary and a bonus program competitive
  • A casual but professional atmosphere
  • Participation in a Wide Range of tasks in an attractive and dynamic workplace
  • An enjoyable working environment with regular activities and team events
  • Personal mentoring and great development opportunities

To apply please click here.

Ζητείται Python / Django web developer

Ζητείται Python / Django web developer. Ο κατάλληλος υποψήφιος θα πρέπει να διαθέτει:

  • Γνώσεις προγραμματισμού Python, και συγκεκριμένα γνώσεις Django framework
  • Javascript για προγραμματισμό frontend, και κυρίως jQuery library

Plus θα θεωρηθεί

  • CSS, HTML5
  • Bootstrap CSS
  • Canvas manipulation libraries όπως CamanJS ή KineticJS ή FabricJS

Αποστολή βιογραφικών σε μορφή .pdf στο email: nick_papad[at]yahoo[dot]com

Python Developer

Αντικείμενο εργασίας

Τα συστήματα διαχείρισης πόρων είναι πλέον απαραίτητα σε πολλούς κλάδους της τεχνολογίας. Στόχος τους είναι η διαχείριση πληροφορίων και πόρων στα πλαίσια μιας επιχειρίσης. Ανάλογα με τις ανάγκες της επιχείρισης ένα τέτοιο σύστημα μπορεί να είναι αρκετά εξειδικευμένο και απαιτητικό. Το αντίκειμενο της θέσης αυτής είναι η υλοποίηση ενός τέτοιου συστήματος. Πιο συγκεκριμένα απαιτείται:

  • ανάπτυξη ενός λογισμικού διαχείρισης πόρων (resource management software) τεχνολογίας client/server,
  • ολοκλήρωση του automated build system,
  • δημιουργία τεκμηρίωσης.

Απαιτούμενες γνώσεις

Είναι απαραίτητη η γνώση της παρακάτω γλώσσας προγραμματισμού και επιθυμητή η εμπειρία με τις παρακάτω τεχνολογίες και εργαλεία:

  • γλώσσα προγραμματισμού python,
  • βιβλιοθήκη GTK+, και κατ' επέκταση pyGTK,
  • βιβλιοθήκες django και cherrypy,
  • εργαλεία py2exe, inno setup, και cdrtools.

Αποστολή βιογραφικών υπο μορφή αρχείου .pdf στο ακόλουθο email: nick_papad[ at ]yahoo[ dot ]com

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